Taranaki is a region of unlimited potential. The region's thriving primary industries, bolstered by growing tourism and creative sectors are a testament to this.

Taranaki is an exciting region for business and is recognised in New Zealand as a progressive and modern place for investment. 

About the Location

Taranaki has a vivid and colourful history that is rich in both legend and spirit-known as the energy province of New Zealand, as much for the rich mineral resources underneath it, as the energised landscape and welcoming locals who reside there. 

Judged as the best place to live in New Zealand, one of the countries most liveable small cities, Taranaki is planning for the expansion of its industrial base with year-on-year growth, and boasting the country's highest GDP per capita. It is an area experiencing record growth, highly accessible, and a region of unlimited potential. 

If you believe you have what it takes to lead ABC into the future of business growth in the Taranaki, and the region beyond, please click here to contact Su Walker, we would love to hear from you.