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Heinz has a long history in the hospitality Industry in Europe and New Zealand, which includes operating several Cafes, Restaurants and Bars since 1985. 

About Heinz

Heinz has an extensive history in the hospitality industry in both Europe and New Zealand including developing and successfully operating several cafes, restaurants and bars. He has a great understanding of business and a true passion for people. Heinz is involved in the local community in many aspects and has a robust understanding of the area in which he lives and works.

Thinking outside the square is one of his many attributes, and he is still excited to be in the industry after making the change in 2007. He has sold local businesses Rotorua and Taupo, across a wide range of industries discovering a passion for the childcare, aged care and hospitality sectors.  He has an excellent reputation for his ability to understand the needs of all parties involved in the sale and purchase of a business.


Location: Bay Of Plenty

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